Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Grinder IDE: GrinderStone, 2.5.0 Release

Primary goal of this release was fixing compatibility issues between several versions of Eclipse, The Grinder and PyDev. Secondary goal was to add compatibility with recently release Jython 2.5.0 and 2.5.1.

I am glad to state that both goals were achieved and latest release of GrinderStone is supporting various platforms and combinations of components. Another good news is that we have finally tested and may prove that GrinderStone is compatible with the latest Mac OS operating system (Leopard version is tested).

What is GrinderStone
Many engineers (testers, developers) who are using The Grinder to do some testing are facing a lack of debugging capabilities in The Grinder. In many cases this problem increasing time and effort to create more robust and extensible scripts or frameworks. An effort was made to help us, users of The Grinder, to make our work easier. The GrinderStone project is an Eclipse plugin, that allow user to utilize powers of IDE to develop and debug The Grinder scripts inside
one the ferred IDE: Eclipse.

As Eclipse and The Grinder, GrinderStone is cross-platform. It can work in any environment where Eclipse and The Grinder are supported. Users are not limited any more to only Windows operating Systems.

Plugin supports two execution methods:
1. Run The Grinder scripts under Eclipse IDE as a typical Grinder script (i.e. no debug cabalities)
2. Run The Grinder scripts under Eclipse IDE in Debug Mode

System Requirements:
- OS: Windows XP or newer, Mac OS 10.6 (Leopard), any Linux environment
- Java: JDK 1.5 or newer
- Eclipse: 3.3 or newer
- PyDev: 1.5.0 or newer
- Jython: 2.2.1 or newer

What new:
- support for Eclipse 3.3 Eclipse 3.4 and 3.5
- support for The Grinder 3.1 and 3.2 and 3.3
- support for latest versions of PyDev Eclipse plugin
- added compatibility with Jython 2.5 and newer

What was fixed:
- Issue 17: JVM arguments are not honored

GrinderStone home site:

GrinderStone binaries:

GrinderStone sources:

Update site to access from Eclipse Update manager:
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